Thursday, January 6, 2011

New blog on its way

Happy new year to anybody who still reads this.
I'm been back in the country for a month, and about to move into the tiniest flat I've ever seen, in Newtown. There's a reason for that, and that reason is...drum roll...RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP RENT. This is going to come in handy as I'm heading back to school this year to finish my degree once and for all so I can bugger off back overseas again. How's that for motivation?!
And so I'm all set to become a poor student again. Thus, a new blog is born as myself and my 2 awesome flatmates try to get by on the smell of an oily rag- indeed that's the new blog's name, 'The smell of an oily rag'. I thought it was clever until I had to explain what it meant to the Blighty-born flatmate. Apparently it's not a universal expression.
Join us over at as we eat and drink well, and play well too, on a paupers budget.

P.S. A new year means new years resolutions. In April said Blighty-born flatmate and I shall be shaving our heads to raise money for a cancer charity. And possibly save something on the cost of shampoo. Keep an ear out closer to the time when we go a knocking for donations.

Happy new year!