Friday, May 14, 2010

To flip flops

Weight = 1kg heavier than when I started this blog (whoops!)
Bank balance = a little over $7000 in savings, US$750 in cash/traveller's cheques, and $250 on a travel card. And about 3 grand already spent on flights, transport, accommodation, insurance and multiple purchases from kathmandu (we're nearly on first name terms).
It's been a long time since I've updated. Mostly I've forgotten to, but I've also been somewhat embarrassed about the lack of exercise I'd been doing.
On my last days off, I did walk 18km in jandals. I didn't mean to, but I'd walked out to Newtown to donate blood and just kept walking as it was such a gorgeous day. My path took me around the coast to Seatoun and its highly recommended (by me - hey, I deserved it after that walk!) fish and chips shop.

There's still one pay day to go until I fly out. Thank goodness! Although it looks like I shall have enough to survive on...just! I've got a volunteer placement for a month in Northern Peru that I'll post more about later. This will see me living in a surf town - so I'll be ticking off one of my new years resolutions while burning off all the cerviche I'll have been chowing down on!

Tomorrow my sister comes to Wellington. So in the interest of balance, I'll be doing two tramps this weekend after having highly tasty, but ridiculously fattening, panikeke at the Porirua market!

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