Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brrr. Not so fun, running in this weather!

Yesterday was so sunny here in Wellington. I pretended summer had arrived already and donned a pretty floral dress and jandals - pretty much the only two items of clothing needed in the summer (oh, and a polarfleece of course; this is wellington!).

Today, however, was another story altogether.

I'd been doing a bit of trip research and discovered a whole heap more things that I want to do while in South America. One being taking surf lessons in Northern Peru, because, hey, why not?! I've always wanted to learn and the water there midwinter is bound to be warmer than Lyall Bay on the hottest summer day. Plus it's a lot cheaper! I've seen people surf though, and it looks like a LOT of hard work! All that paddling can't be easy. And so this gave me the motivation to get out there in this horrid weather and do some exercise, despite the mangled, blistered state of my feet after walking to and from work a few times.

It was drizzling outside and oh so cold. Now I'm back and have checked the news online, I find out it's snowing on the hills around Wellington and about 6.5 degrees outside and steadily dropping.

I pulled on one of those mac in a pacs - you know the dirt cheap, rolls up into it's own pocket, warehouse kind that anyone that gives a hoot about fashion would never wear, even with a gun pressed to their head. Well, I own one of those (let's keep that quiet - it's only for use in emergencies - like when it's raining and you're crazy enough to go for a run). So I put that on, a merino t-shirt, tights and sneakers and hit the pavement. Two minutes into my warm up walk, I was freezing. Not just feeling a little cold, but freezing in a teeth chattering, hands turning impressive shades of blue and orange, kind of freezing. So I picked up the pace and ran almost all the way to the St Geralds monastery. I say almost all the way as just before the monastery there's a very scary looking hill, and I had a painful stitch. It probably wasn't the best idea to attempt a run having just devoured over half a packet of hobnobs (though they were the oaty, wholemeal kind, which can't be all that bad for you, can they?) and a substantial amount of tea during the afternoon.

Then I had to walk down the pedestrian accessway. I would have run it if I could've, but very steep stairs plus rain and jelly legs doesn't make for a very promising outcome.

As an aside, I find it very helpful to never double knot your shoelaces. Random, I know. But very convenient when you tell yourself you are going to run to such and such a landmark without stopping, and then don't feel bad when you have to stop for at least 3 very quick shoe-tying breaks on the way - not time enough to feel guilty, but enough to catch your breath.

I then ran back along Oriental Parade. This is such a lovely spot for a run but I normally avoid it like you would a face-masked, swine fluey leper in the chemist. The reason for this is it seems half of Wellington uses Oriental Parade for their runs. The fit, lean, beautiful half of Wellington, that is. I feel more comfortable lumbering around Karori Park with the chubby, puffing mums.

Today I was the only person running along here, however. Which says a lot about the weather, and doesn't insinuate great things about my state of mind. The other great thing about Oriental Bay is the public loos. Especially if you're like me and suffer from a nose that runs faster than I could ever dream of, while jogging, and yet, without fail, always forget to take tissues. The not-so-great thing about these loos is they feature full lenth wall mirrors. Not something you want to stumble across while on a run as you get to see yourself in all your red, sweaty glory.

By this stage I was sweltering (and yet with purple, frosty fingers) in my rainjacket. So to hell with my fellow citizens. I was going to to take it off and run past the supermarket and down Cambridge Terrace in my tights and a not nearly long enough t-shirt, and hope like hell the camel toe would behave itself and I wouldn't see anyone I knew.

I got home alright, and no horns were tooted at me and so I think I pulled that one off.
Thank god for that!

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