Monday, October 19, 2009

Raiding the pantry

My, it has been an exceptionally long time between posts. I wish I could say it's because I've been so busy out running every evening, doing crunchies every spare moment I get etc etc, but sadly no. Mainly it's been because I've been rather lazy, and when I have exercised it's not been that exciting that I could write anything about it other than, "I went for a jog/walk/toddle down to the pub today, got soaked by the rain, blown over by the wind, and it was not fun at all!".

Switching back and forward to night shifts hasn't helped much either - walked the 5km home in the rain at 4am once and got so many sermons about the dangers of this blah blah blah by some old codgers at work, that I decided it was for the greater good that I don't give them a coronary by letting them see me do this week I'll sneak off home and NOT wear my fluorescent orange vest - in the interest of avoiding safety lectures, though possibly not the trucks that tear out of the port in the wee hours of the morning.

Things are going much better on the budget front. I've finished my christmas shopping already (new record, even for me!) and just have to post off a parcel to the motherland that will probably cost me more than all the other presents put together!

Also trying to save some money on groceries this month and while I'm at it, eat most of the contents of my pantry to save carting it to the new flat when I move (I'm lazy like that). So I did a bit of a stocktake of the cupboard, which suprisingly is nowhere near as bare as I remembered it being, and so with a bit of thought and a quick stop at the supermarket, should yield some much more exciting recipes than the cottage cheese and potato mash, potato wedges and french toast I've managed to rustle up in the last 2 days...

So on the menu this week we have...drum roll...

Humble pie (think cottage pie but with lentils and no meat)
Chickpeas cooked in tomato and coconut sauce
Carrot and coriander soup with croutons or garlic bread
and anzac bikkies (because I can)

And I need to buy only 6 things from the supermarket to make all that this week! Well 5 actually; the milk is just for tea - which I just cannot live without.

What I would do without my subscription to Healthy Food Guide, I have no idea!

Pretty boring post, sorry. But off to chop off my hair tomorrow, and if the weather's better, then a walk around the coast to something interesting may very well happen

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