Saturday, October 31, 2009

playing tour guide - and who said running was boring?!

Well this afternoon's run started out like many others...I really couldn't be bothered with it at all. Indeed, a nap before hitting the pub sounded like a much better idea. However I tricked myself into it by bringing my running gear to work and slipped as inconspicuously into them as is possible when you're parked in the middle of a carpark on a Saturday afternoon.

Sneakers on, Queen blasting through the head phones, I set off at a snail-like jog towards the railway station. After a km I'd had enough. My legs hurt. There was a lot of traffic (forgot the semi-final was on at the stadium tonight) and the brazen sunlight did nothing to hide the bouncing up and down of my substantial muffin top. Running is so much easier in the dark. At least then, the few people out can barely make out your silhouette and you can't see your ultimate destination far far far away in the distance.

I made a deal with myself that if I could make it just to the railway station non-stop then I could walk the rest of the way AND still deserve the sassy red or 3 I'll be ordering at the pub tonight.
Made it to the railway station. Stitch. Traffic light is a welcome rest. Then I notice a man next to me also in running gear. However he's turning a map around every which way and looks more than slightly confused. And so I pull out my headphones and ask if he needs any help.

He's in town for only one night and wanting a break from the hop off, see the sight, hop back on, see another sight, drag that is tour bus travel and thus wanted to see a bit of the city while pounding the pavement. I recommended he run around the waterfront to oriental bay and maybe up Mt Victoria since the view's spectacular up there on a day like today. I then assured him that I'm an exceptionally slow jogger and to go on ahead. However 200m later I caught him up after he's stopped for photos and we carry on around the waterfront together.

What a fun way to run. You barely notice the pain while you're chatting away to a complete stranger about travel and pointing out to him all the sights. We happened to stumble across the Canterbury (new navy ship) berthed at Queen's Wharf which was truely awesome to see (I'm a bit of a military geek - and no, it's not JUST about the men in uniform). Turns out this guy was involved in the british military and it showed. Not a shabby runner. And it did me a world of good trying to keep up with him.

At Waitangi Park we shook hands, exhanged names and ran off on our separate ways.
Think the big guy upstairs may be sick of my moaning about muffin tops, beer guts and excuses not to run - gave me no excuses but to do a proper work out this evening - damn him cashing in on my unwavering abiltiy to adopt pommy waifs and strays, anywhere, anytime.

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