Monday, August 10, 2009

The beginning

Weight: 68kg
Savings: less than $0

With vague ideas of getting fit before my South American gaunt, I picked up a copy of Kerre Woodham's book "From short fat chick to marathon runner". Make no mistake, I have absolutely no intentions of running a marathon. Being able to run around the block nonstop would be a more achievable undertaking. I probably should add here that I'm of the very unfit, larger than Bridget Jones, but without the incredible bosoms, variety of woman. However after reading this I felt inspired. I felt that if a woman in her 40s who's by no means an athlete, can run 42km, then I can surely run a measly 10km. And so with the help of google and more than a couple of wines, I let everyone I know, know that I'd be running a 10km race in Wanaka next March. Once I sobered up I thought better of this idea, but too late. Training will begin today. Just as soon as I finish my wine...

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