Saturday, August 15, 2009

The day started with healthy intents...

Today, according to the bible (aforementioned training program), I was to walk for 20 minutes and run for 5. If a half hour dawdle around the supermarket counts, then I fulfilled that.
It doesn't count?! Damn. Well I'd better put on my sneakers and get out that door as soon as I finish work tomorrow morning. I think working night shift justifies stretching out a day to end when I finally hit the hay. So for me, technically Saturday doesn't end until lunchtime tomorrow and I can still be angelic and stick to the exercise schedule. It also is the perfect justification for having a glass of wine at 10am...
Today was grocery shopping day. I went to the supermarket with a list, and healthy intentions. This worked well (my trolley was loaded with salad ingredients, tuna, quinoa and raw nuts). That was until I hit that last aisle of the supermarket. You know, the one with all the sweets, bikkies, chocolate...and the dreaded in store specials. Those chocolate bars on sale for only 78c were sitting there just looking for a new what else could I do? I made like Angelina Jolie and took one of every colour.
Ah well, better luck with the healthy thing next time.

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