Saturday, August 29, 2009

a post, as promised...

Well it had been commented on by possibly my one reader (thanks mum!) that it was been a a long while between posts. 10 days to be exact. This may be because during those ten days I've been exceptionally slack at sticking to the exercise and may have indulged in assorted junk (read: KFC, memphis meltdown, chocolate, booze and more chocolate) on more than one occasion.
Then I woke up this morning, realised it was 10 months exactly until I shall set foot on South American soil, bang on 3 months until I turn another year older, and just under 7 months til I tackle this godforsaken run in Wanaka. So plenty of wake up calls to start my day with.
And so today I spent a lot of time putting off the inevitable exercise by tackling all sorts of household chores that appear that much more exciting/important when I'm trying my best to procrastinate from huffing and puffing around the block.
But with under 90 minutes until I was supposed to be at work I finally set off. The 3 songs of walking were great. The sun was shining, no wind and I ambled up the hill and through the trees. Always when it's time to start running I find myself at the bottom of a steep ascent. I'm starting to think that I really didn't do something nice in a past life. Nethertheless, up the hill I ran, or slowly and very painfully moved forward at a pace possibly slower than a walk, all the while trying to find the air to curse myself for being out running when I could be at the pub watching my rugby team kick some Counties arse. I got nearly to the top before my legs gave out and so I began the ungainly exercise of jogging down the steep path without twisting an ankle or faceplanting into a pile of dog s**t.
Running is definately not a pleasant or attractive pastime. I'm not sure if everyone suffers this but every time I jog, I suffer a really runny nose. And of course I never remember to bring tissues. This leads to a subtle (in case someone sees) wiping of one's nose onto one's sleeve - not an easy feat to do while running, and while wearing a short-sleeved top.
I've decided I'm likely allergic to exercise too after suffering severe cramping, nausea and dizziness on the five minute walk home, rushing into the house to grab the nearest bucket, and having to call in sick to work. Though this possibly could have been caused from using slightly expired milk and mushrooms to create a pasta masterpiece for lunch. Either way, I'd better schedule the exercise slightly earlier and eat something less adventurous tomorrow, as I have a feeling I'll need to have all the sick days I can up my sleeve for post-wanaka-run recovery.

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  1. You are so much braver than me. I don't do running, the mere thought of that exhausts me :-)