Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was certain I had a run (or session of torture and complete humiliation) scheduled for today. Apparently not. However, I only worked this out after actually doing the exercise. So right now I'm feeling rather smug and angelic, and a heck of a lot less guilty for ending my run with a peanut slab at the local dairy.

The treats that seem necessary in order to get me out jogging don't bode well for the second goal of this blog - saving money. I could just buy a packet of fun-size chocolate bars and have one after each run. I could...however that would mean I'd have an entire bag of chocolate sitting inside my pantry (doesn't scream motivation when I could just as easily eat them without moving from the sofa, whilst avoiding the pain of moving underutilised limbs), and I've never been one to just eat one mouthful and put the rest back. Oh no no. They would be crying out at me to finish them all, such is my level of self-control.
Maybe I could make a star chart like the ones you had as kids for potty training or learning your timestables. Perhaps for every 3 runs I do I could have a chocolate bar; for every 7, a bottle of wine; and every 2o a dinner out with friends. It has potential.
What I'm hoping is that once habit kicks in, I won't need a delicious morsel of mouth-watering chocolate dangling in front of me, just so I complete a run. I'm hoping these much talked about endorphins kick in and I'll run because I enjoy it (ah, fantasies).

Motivating factors aside, I did complete my 4 songs of walking and 2 of running. And added in a few hills. Since I live a whole of 100m or less away from the town belt I made use of that, starting on Ellice St and heading down to the catholic monastery before heading back. The bonus is that you get some amazing views to take your mind off your jelly muscles and laboured breathing, and there are less people around up there to see the side show.

The selection of music to run to is very important. The Killers and MGMT seem to work best for me. Deciding to go with what works, I picked the music that I will get up and dance to on a night out, despite how tired/drunk/over it/wanting to go home I feel. And not just get up. I will hop off my bar stool with a squeal and drag the nearest non-stranger on to the dancefloor with me, for these songs, while loudly exclaiming how much I love them. And so...that has to rub off onto the jogging, doesn't it?

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